Cancellation or Late Policy

We understand that unexpected events can occur occasionally in everyone’s life. The following list of policies ensures fairness and effectiveness for the clients. Kindly read them carefully before making an appiontment.

§ If you need to cancel an appointment, minimum of 24 hour notice is required. This allows the opportunity for someone else to schedule an appointment.

§ No-shows: Anyone who forgets their appointment for manual osteopathy or doesn’t show up due to some other reason is considered a “no-show”. In case, they didn’t inform about their absence beforehand, they will be charged 50% from their total for their “missed” appointment and future service will be denied until payment is made.

§ Arriving Late: Appointment times are arranged specially when a customer calls. So you need to make sure that you are on time on the day of your appointment. In case, you of failing to be on time, you might get a short session to accomodate the following sessions. Your therapist will determine if there is enough time remaining to start a treatment. Regardless of the actual length of the session, you will be responsible for the “full” session; however, we will do our best to satisfy the scheduled time.

Please arrive 10 mins prior to your appointment for filling the information form.


Manual osteopathy is based on the concept of treating the body without any use of drugs. It is believed that the body functions perfectly if all the parts are in good condition. The osteopathists cure healthcare by manipulating the musculoskeletal system.  In other words, then focusing on the optimal positioning of the fascia, bones, muscles, viscera and everything in-between. In light of the fact, that the human body works in the coordination of all the organs, practitioners help clients reinforce these connections. The therapists do that by using their hands instead of equipments and medicines just like the massage. It is an effective treatment which brings relaxation to your body. Osteopathy not only cures you but the process is relaxing.

Simply put, Osteopathy Therapy is the study of the human body as it functions in both health and disease. As mentioned before that no drugs are used, the technique is quite similar to massaging but aimed to improve the healthcare of the overall body. Manual osteopathy would help improve the blood circulation and nervous system. Furthermore, it is beneficial for the treatment of neck pain, back pain and other sorts of pain relief. Treatment Plan for diagnosing and treating conditions using these techniques is called Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM). We recommend this therapy to our clients because of its effectiveness.


Osteopathy is the study of human body and its cures. An osteopathist is responsible to find out the truoble spots and cure it through therapy. However, it is especially beneficial for the cure of migraine, back pain, neck pain, etc. Manual osteopathy cures overall health of the human body. As we know that the human body consists of complex groups of connected systems and organisms. Therefore, all the organs of the human body should be in a good condition. Osteopathy ensures exactly that. 

The blood circulation is improved using this technique. In the same way, osteopathy improves the nervous system of the body by massaging. Moreover, the osteopaths focus on joints, muscles, and spine. Whole body of the patient is examined and the pain point is found, once it is found the relief can easily be provided. For this purpose, we have created a custom treatment plan to guide our patients to rehabilitation and prevention of future health problems. The clients can pre book an appointment.

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